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Leedon Green, the future development changing Tulip Garden via a successful enbloc sale, is conveniently located in a special high end town location in a district of eminence, District 10, surrounded within an upscale neighborhood of peace and serenity. Some of the advancements it has effectively introduced and completed are Parvis @ Holland Town near LeedonGreen, Lake Grande and J Entrance Leedon Green at Jurong, The Grange, Palms@Sixth Opportunity, The Fernhill, Este Rental Property, Terrasse, Peak @ Balmeg, and Uber388. Leedon Green was located in excellance locality surrounded by abundance of amenities. There are many distinguished universities around the area such as Nanyang Main School, Anglo Chinese School, Hwa Chong Institution. Perfect location for parents with children.
Leedon Green Place at Farrer Roadway, it was extremely sought after due to its quality region connection. Leedon Green was nestled within a tranquil and upscale community. The website is located at the fridge of a special Excellent Class Cottage area and is surrounded by condos and landed houses. The locals of Leedon Green will benefit a lot from the crucial expressways that provide each transport in the location. If you prefer utilizing public transportation throughout morning hours or conserving some money, then you will value the Farrer Road MRT which is a couple of distances far from Leedon Green.

The LeedonGreen website lies on the fringe of the Leedon Heights property estate. It is a longish, almost rectangle-shaped plot of land, except for a cut-out at its south-west corner where a small condo, 90 Holland Roadway sits. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing domestic environment and yet wishing to experience that little bit of night life buzz, then the area of Leedon Green would be definitely perfect for you.
. Leedon Green lies along Farrer Road, ideal opposite Waterfall Gardens condo. Right next to Leedon Green are the 2 of the newest and largest condo advancements in the area – D’Leedon and Leedon House. Leedon Green crafted on previously Tulip Garden conveniently located in an unique high end city location in district 10, nearby to Holland Village and neighboring Good Class Bungalow.

Leedon Green crafted on previously Tulip Garden easily situated in an unique high end city area in district 10, close by to Holland Village and nearby Great Class Bungalow. Down the lane from our website, Leedon Heights leads to one of Singapore’s most upscale landed estates, the houses and GCBs of Cornwall Gardens, Belmont Roadway, Ford Avenue, Leedon Park, and Bin Tong Park.leedon green showflat

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